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L. Ashburn, VA

Since discovering Imago based couples therapy, we know there really is something to being in a “conscious relationship”. We have a deeper understanding of each other’s needs and consciously try to meet them. There is a deeper sense of love and commitment in our relationship that is extremely fulfilling!

After attending an Imago Therapy weekend, we understood the framework but still needed to work on our personal struggles to improve our relationship. Donna has helped us tremendously with this. The Imago work is great and really does make you more aware or “conscious” in your own relationship.

When we came to Donna, we couldn’t have a simple discussion without it causing more damage to our marriage. We were at the end of our rope and didn’t see a way out. Donna has helped us restore communication and build a positive “space” in our relationship that we had lost. She has helped us get things back on track, treat each other more respectfully and is helping us regain things that we thought we had lost.

C. Centreville, VA

I encourage Imago therapists to get people like me to such a class earlier in the therapy cycle! The exercises, demonstrations, and Good Bye process were very beneficial!

N. Arlington, VA

The group size was perfect. I loved all the information I learned and I discovered childhood wounds and unmet needs and why we seek certain partners. Donna and Dan were very nice and very helpful.

M. Chantilly, VA

I like the fact that Donna and Dan can use their own experiences as examples for the students.

M. Centreville, VA

…Donna showed my partner and me a different way to communicate…a very good format. We perfected our new skills. This was our Christmas gift to each other…

…We are so very, very grateful for the skills you have taught us. We have a tough issue we’re working on, that would have been impossible to tackle without Imago. We are tighter than ever, and we already were two peas in a pod…

…I want to pass along two bits of information. [We] are respite foster care providers (we provide care one weekend a month to give foster parents a break) and we had our first child, a six year old, this past weekend. This child pushed every conceivable boundary. Once I was able to gain her full attention, I used Imago with her to make sure she understood expectations and consequences. By golly, it worked like a charm! You have no idea how grateful I am for your instruction.

The second bit of information is to express how pleased and grateful I am that you kept and maintained boundaries. …It was wonderful to be so supported in our group and feel safe, even as we brushed up against the necessary boundaries…

W. Centreville, VA

A powerful part of the group experience was that other couples have very similar dynamics and issues. It is not just us! I liked the role-play of real life examples. Donna and Dan were excellent presenters.

J. Arlington, VA

Donna and Dan were very smart, empathetic and caring. They made me feel very safe. The demonstrations were very helpful. Even though it was a small group, it is huge in my heart and mind. We have improved communications and we recover from arguments much better. Thank you.

M. Arlington, VA

The most powerful part for me was the stretches and growth I made in becoming a more conscious member of the group. I enjoyed the group the first time round, and totally grew to love it the second time round!

S. Arlington, VA

Donna and Dan Fortney are strongly committed and dedicated to their work. It was a true pleasure to work under their tutelage. The in-group exercises were very helpful in my self discovery.

Literally a life changer! Since the start of class, I have changed quite a bit and have a much more positive and healthy outlook on life. The Goodbye Process was a powerful experience. Thank you!

M. Springfield, VA

I needed to learn more about my role in my relationships. A powerful part of group was discussions and sharing about early influences and how they affect us. The demonstrations were excellent.

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