Tapping Training for Professionals Module 1
(An Experiential Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques and Meridan Tapping)

This workshop is specifically designed for the professional who wants an introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Meridian Tapping. Participants learn how to produce more measurable results in one session than they could provide in months or years using traditional therapies.

This training covers:

    • What is EFT and Meridian tapping?
    • The theory behind tapping.
    • Advantages and features of tapping.
    • How to tap.
    • Using EFT's basic recipe.

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Tapping Training for Professionals Module 2

This workshop is a continuaton of the Tapping Training for Professionals Series. Some of the topics included are:

    • The Short Cut Method of Tapping
    • Meridian Tapping Enhancements to EFT
    • Tapping with Clients/Patients
    • Working with Aspects and Triggers 
    • Using the Body to Track Success

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Successful Partnering - The New Joint Venture
A Powerful Premarital/Pre-Commitment Workshop for Couples

This workshop is an educational program based on Imago Relationship Theory and Emotional Freedom Techniques specially developed to help couples learn and implement the tools to have a successful partnership, one that grows deeper, richer, and stronger.

You will learn:

  • The most powerful communication skill required for building a healthy relationship.
  • A simple, yet highly effective, technique for reducing and eliminating stress, anxiety, anger, and other negative emotions that destroy relationships.
  • The dangers of having an unconscious relationship attitude and how to create a safe, passionate, and lasting connected partnership.
  • Why romantic love doesn't last, and most importantly, how to recreate it time and again.
  • Why conflicts or power struggles occur, how each partner unconsciously reacts to conflicts, and how to use these opportunities to grow a mature relationship.
  • Tips for making your wedding/partnership planning run smoothly.
  • Some of the most important questions that need to be asked before saying "I do!"
  • How to identify and close relationship exits.
  • Why affairs occur and how to avoid them.
  • How to rate your performance in your relationship and how to use this rating to make your relationship better.
  • Tips on removing negativity from your relationship.
  • How to identify and give caring behaviors and why they are vital to getting what you want.
  • How to create, share, and grow a life long relationship vision.
  • How to keep the romance in your relationship by identifying fun activities, surprises, and appreciations that you and your partner can do together.

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